Nov 01 2010 18:40:25
Simba is a Keyshound, and was also a rescue pet. We had him for about 8 years before eventually losing him to cancer in May of 2008. That was a very sad day for all of us, and he will be forever missed. My cat, Goldie, missed him the most and cried for many, many days after his passing.
RIP Simba... you were a beautiful dog!
Thank-you, Ruslana. He is sorely missed around here.
I can understand, we lost our dog too, he died some months ago, his name was Pluto..
Sorry to hear it, Jack. It's amazing how tightly our pets grab hold of our hearts, isn't it? Pluto and Simba will both live forever in our memories. :-)
oohhhhh all this time I looked at his picture on the threads and didn't know he'd passed on. So handsome! I'm so sorry for your loss. I still miss my Alex DEARLY. We never get...
Thanks alfinnlay. I was looking at this photo a few hours ago and started crying again. I'll never stop missing Simba.
I know how you feel. I really do. I have to work everyday with people who have kitties with the diseases that killed my baby. I've gotten good at not letting it get to me but...
Losing a pet is never easy for me. I cry for weeks after their passing. It just tears my heart to shreds. :'-(
I actually made myself so sick when Alex died that everyone had to stay with me and make sure I ate. All I did was lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. I never wanted another...