IMG 1735

IMG 1735
IMG 1735
Jan 05 2011 07:45:40
can U tell me please, is that Maine Coon cat or any other? I found this boy in the street
I don't think he's a Maine Coon, his fur is too short and so is the hair in his ears. Also his face is shaped differently. I think it's just a normal house cat, but a gorgeous...
thanks... yeah, of course... what do you think, how old is he?
If you post more pictures it would be easier to say, but from this picture I'd say under one year... maybe 9 months. Looks quite small and young but I guess from his character...
thank you very much...I will add some pictures later and I would like to hear your opinion... may be Garfield, but I've not still dicided, can you help me?
We'll all help you if you want! ;) Have a look: [link]
Glad you found a name And nice of you to take care of him!
thank you Lauren... I think everybody would act like me...