May 06 2012 00:48:09
I smell tuna. C'mon, do you think I don't have a nose? I KNOW* you have tuna. Give it. *NOW .
She is really gorgeous!
Fantastic photo, well done
Ooh gorgeous! I took a similar photo a few days ago, I'll upload it shortly.
You take great photos Matilde! I love this! You should join Pinterest and pin some of your photos there! People would go nuts for this stuff.
I actually have a pinterest account already ( but I use it only occasionally. I should upload some of my pics there
you should follow me there and vise versa! Let me search for your account.
LOL. I think I already clicked on follow for you.
whatever he has eaten it was tasty
I'm sure it was!
she's going to eat me!!noooo!I'm not tasty at all!