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Puss Puss

Puss Puss
Puss Puss
Jun 20 2010 07:53:25
Awwwwhh! Yours?
Yep this is Puss Puss He thinks he is a dog and tackles with Shayla all the time, and chases after the dog toys.
He is a beautiful Cat. Love the two Shades on his face.
Haha maybe he needs a cat friend? How many pets do you have?
I have 3, 2 dogs and a cat. Puss Puss thinks he is a dog though and tackles Shayla around the house, the are best mates.
Congratulations on becoming our new Pet of the Week!
Aww Pet of the Week, woohoo thanks! Puss Puss doesn't seem to care much, he is chasing Shayla around the house at the moment lol.