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Nov 12 2011 01:13:40
I am 18 months old now. Trying to look my best here. Excuse my dirty mouth, i so like scooting it over the lawn. Even though my owner is not impressed as i am supposed to look clean. Gee what is a boy to do when he gets the run of the yard.
Hehe sooo cute!!
Also spoilt. What a job keeping him clean.
Congratulations on becoming our new Pet of the Week!
Thank-you so much. We are delighted to be chosen for Pet of the Week:=)
He looks innocent! Is he really spoilt? =)
Hi Maestro, Very much so LOL, that's his reward for being such a good furry companion.
A white version of that coat, not yellow or brownish -- good job
Hi hitchhiker. Can be quite an effort keeping his coat white. As he is outside alot, he just loves rolling around the ground. I'm just pleased he likes taking a bath, lol he even...