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Mar 11 2012 06:40:50
Sleeping on the job!
lmao! How did he end up sleeping like this?
lol I actually wasn't there, I went shopping and left him at the store, I'm guessing the screen was pretty warm so he just glued himself to it! Apparently he was like that for...
lol hilarious!!!
Joleen, if you had filmed that fall you'd have become a new YouTube star.
haha i would ! I should really start a youtube channel for him. post all the stupid\ hilarious things he does he is an absolute monkey he can be so clumsy sometimes!
I knew cats could be addicted to computers but this is beyond the imaginable! =)
lol he is one of those cats who will sit on your laptop screen with the keyboard in the air
omg can't believe what i'm seeing! Mahahaha
Bravo, crazy shot!
This cat can't be real.