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Nov 21 2012 19:02:35
Nobody "hangs out" more elegant than Othello. ;-)
Cats can be comfortable in any place at any time.
Isn't it too warm for him there?
No - he loves it - also does she. But I have the heating NOT on full power. ;-)
He looks very much like my cat. Okaaaay... all black cats look alike.
I think your "Panther" is very beautiful and looks like a very proud and strong tomcat. But my Othello has a very skinny figure. Who knows how long for still ?.... He's a baby...
Jana I have a question if you don't mind! How come you ended up having a black cat? I have nothing against them personally but I know many people are prejudiced against them and...
Janis: I had a black cat before too = JENNY. She lived 22 years with me, was never ill and she was a beautiful, elegant and very talkative "Lady". What annoys me a bit: Black...
I think all women have something from a witch deep in their nature. I just asked about pictures of Jenny in another post, I hope you can share some. I didn't realize she was black...