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Hunter131,005 views
Oct 13 2008 15:22:41
Yoda hunting a fly Emotion: wink
Wow! I love this Shot. Does Yoda Chatter when he hunts flies? My Bitsy does it always.
Yeah she does! But the other two don't ... well to be honest the other two don't even "hunt"
look out fly im gunna get you... you can see it's all over his face!!! great pic
His even at the dinner table lol
This is really an amazing shot! "Don't make a sound. I swear on my tail, that is one dead fly!"
I love when they have that look! they look like predators and I love it!
))) ! What a Great shot!!!
i can't believe i've never seen this pic before! it rocks! ^_^
Yoda is doing one of his mind tricks.
The best photo! Ever!