What Would You Do?
So, okay. In my recovery from losing Mac, I left the shelter for several days. In...
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Education About Equipment
Did a little googling around and read some of my early opinions on e-collars. Many...
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Adventures With Petfinder (Uh Oh)
DH seems to be coming around to the idea of a second dog, so of course I'm torturing...
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Pat Miller Says NO To Cesar
Hi Y'all, I checked out Pat Miller's web site to learn about her. I was especially...
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Best Collars For Training?
Hi there, I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the best collars for training/walking...
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Another "Whew!"
So after I finished mowing the lawn, I spent some time securing the gate to make...
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Trooper Investigated For Alleged Animal...
Trooper Investigated For Alleged Animal Abuse Posted: Today at 12:04 p.m. Updated...
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How To Torture Your Dog
Just so everyone knows that I come by my 'Dog Abusing Thug' status honestly. Step...
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In Defense Of Jerry Howe's Methods
I've had my JR puppy for close to a month now (She's 3 mo), and I want to say that...
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Help Doogies Rescuer
Tammy Grimes from Dogs Deserve Better was arrested for helping a dying dog . Tammy...
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I Would Like To Chime In For The Puppy...
First off I have not finished reading his manual but the things I have read and applied...
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Prong/Shock Collar Idiocy
Since this is a place I can share this little story, I will. Its long ticked me off...
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Arnolds To Be Prosecuted For Abuse
[link]. Video of doogie now that he's had proper medical care. They would have left...
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Cassandra Abigail 1991-2006
Cassie crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. In the end, there was no other decision...
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Walk Dog After Meal?
I've read somewhere that dogs need to eliminate 30 minutes after a meal. Is this...
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Saskia Update
Remember me and Saskia? I know it's been a while. She's doing SO well! OK, she's...
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"Daycare" Or "Day Care"?
Which is the better, or at least most popular, usage of the term: "Daycare" or "Day...
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A Few Quiet Positive Thoughts.
No need to reply to this, but if you and yours could spare a few positive and quiet...
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Need Ideas For Simple Tricks
This started on rpd.breeds, but I'm thinking that I need to do more than polish up...
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A Dog That Deserves To Die
This black labrador that ate the French woman's face while she was sleeping...what...
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