What Does "Bupkis" Really Mean
When shelly reproached me that certain people in this group were offended by my posts...
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What Would You Do?
So, okay. In my recovery from losing Mac, I left the shelter for several days. In...
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Education About Equipment
Did a little googling around and read some of my early opinions on e-collars. Many...
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Adventures With Petfinder (Uh Oh)
DH seems to be coming around to the idea of a second dog, so of course I'm torturing...
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Rejected For Obedience Training (Even...
Now that my evaluation of Jerry's methods are complete (to my satisfaction), I am...
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Pat Miller Says NO To Cesar
Hi Y'all, I checked out Pat Miller's web site to learn about her. I was especially...
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Nasty Smell From Cat
We've noticed one of our cats, about 10 months old and spayed, has a nasty cheesy...
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Causes Of Chronic Renal Failure?
Causes of Chronic Renal Failure Recent research suggests a link between vaccination...
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Pet Ownership - Killing Through Kindness
Recent research has shown that the average lifespans of domesticated animals are...
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Best Collars For Training?
Hi there, I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the best collars for training/walking...
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Another "Whew!"
So after I finished mowing the lawn, I spent some time securing the gate to make...
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Trooper Investigated For Alleged Animal...
Trooper Investigated For Alleged Animal Abuse Posted: Today at 12:04 p.m. Updated...
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How To Torture Your Dog
Just so everyone knows that I come by my 'Dog Abusing Thug' status honestly. Step...
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Nike And Reebok Dump Vick
PETA is reporting that Nike and Reebok have suspended their contract with Michael...
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Training A Dog Through Negative Reinforcement
Don't let the topic fool you, I would never even think of actually doing this but...
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Tail Docking And Declawing
[link] In the version of this story that ran locally, the lawyer for the breed group...
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In Defense Of Jerry Howe's Methods
I've had my JR puppy for close to a month now (She's 3 mo), and I want to say that...
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Help Doogies Rescuer
Tammy Grimes from Dogs Deserve Better was arrested for helping a dying dog . Tammy...
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Help, My Cat Is A Serial Killer!
My cat Zacky is an indoor/outdoor cat, and he's forever bringing home prey that...
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CM (Humorous)
This story had me laughing several times: [link]/ The human guinea pig: Humiliating...
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