The Left Coast
The dogs and I have been in San Francisco for almost two weeks now. What can I say...
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South Florida Rph'ers?
hi. anyone here in south florida aside from me? [link] is the shop where i bought...
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Just picked up my baby rainbow boa and he/she is absolutely gorgeous ) I'm in love...
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Nic Is Dying
Most of you won't know me. I haven't posted here for probably over a computer...
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Help! Need Declawing Alternatives!
I'm sorry if this got posted multiple times, I keep getting an error message. I have...
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My Husky Is Driving Me Crazy!
Hi. I'm new to the group. I just joined in hopes to find a solution to my dog problem...
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Jake Behaving Badly!
Hi everyone, The following is a copy of questions Leah asked me yesterday, with my...
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Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Fish Oil Is Just...
Up until I lost my twelve year old companion German Shepherd I used fish oil for...
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Freezing Mice?
After an ugly email from another forum member... I have decided against EVER feeding...
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It's Happened Again...
So Saskia has been nothing but love and deference toward Walter until today. Well...
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New Adoptee--Baggy Skin In Cats
Bless my sweet neighbor who just brought home an adult cat from the pound that was...
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Beardie Plants
Someone, a while back, posted a list of harmless plants that could be grown (in pots...
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Alpha Males
Hi everyone,I read thru all of the posts just knowing that someone else had already...
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I Got Bitten Today
Ironic. This is a high-risk job for bites, and I've come close a couple of times...
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Birds And Vacuums, Again.
I remember years ago many people had compared stories both good and bad, about trying...
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Do Vets Really Care?
My special friend is Yogi, 17 years old. He has had 6 vets in his lifetime and each...
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How To Keep Dog Off Counters And Table...
My dog, Roxy, is a ~13 month old mix breed (beagle/hound?). She is a WONDERFUL dog...
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Another Bluebird Message
I sent BlueBird many of your messages of sympathy and encouragement, as well as a...
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Need Advice On Nipping Sheltie
My girlfriend recently began working with a local Sheltie rescue and received her...
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(I haven't even had time to skim this group for ages (it's showing 20295 messages...
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