The Dog Whisperer
Thumbs up or Thumbs down??? I love him. He is my idol, my hero, my guru. i want to...
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Need Help W/ IG Puppies
Thanks in advance for your time and help.. Two weeks ago I adopted a 5-6 month old...
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Skeeter's Second Agility Class
It's certainly different handling a dog whose head isn't right at the same height...
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Not Another One!
I now have a boxer living at my house temporarily. She showed up at the middle school...
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Tee-Vee Training
Well, I watched my first (maybe last) episode of VS' show today. Such freakin' drama...
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City Dogs
How do you do it?? I'd LOVE to have a dog. I live in the city -NYC. But can't see...
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What Are Your Favorite And Least Favorite...
Just wondering what breeds you guys really like out there. I'm a dog lover and it...
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My Brother's Dog
my brother and his family have a dog named Wiley. he's supposedly 1/4 Dane, 1/4 Mastiff...
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Opinions Please...Sorry, Got Long...
I have posted here a few times and love the info I find here and just listening to...
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Question About Dog Names- Kinda A Poll
I am surprised to find a rather large array of dog names in this group. I was just...
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Happy Birthday Blade
Happy Birthday to Blade! Today is Blade's 5th Birthday. I can't even believe it has...
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New Tactic
So, I've had to spend a lot more time in the dog run lately, and I've suddenly been...
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Border Collie Or No Border Collie?
I am 16 and want a Border Collie, I have done all my research and know that they...
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Jealous 2-Year-Old **Please Help!!
I have a jealous boston terrier...Over the past week he has been going #1 and #2...
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Our Trip To Colorado, Some Good Ones Of...
Here is some photos we took of our trip to Colorado. All of the photos I scanned...
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Chilling Account Of A Near -Miss Dog Shooting
Oakland Cop Shoots At Celebrity Pit Bull by Hank Pellissier, special to SF Gate Monday...
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The Left Coast
The dogs and I have been in San Francisco for almost two weeks now. What can I say...
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South Florida Rph'ers?
hi. anyone here in south florida aside from me? [link] is the shop where i bought...
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Inherited A Parrot - Need Advice
A distant relative recently passed away and left me her pet parrot in her will. I...
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I'm At Wit's End With My Cat...
This morning, my cat decided it would be fun to attack my arm. I was bleeding profusely...
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