Pit Bull Ban
This story is taken from my local daily paper. The one thing about the whole pit...
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Biting My Tongue
one of my cow-orkers was just on the phone with her son. (the shared phone for our...
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About The Dog Biters..
This is WHY PB's get such a bad rap as people hear BITE and they think PIT BULL ...
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Dog Whisperer Week On National Geographic
Hi everyone,I am not trying to start the Cesar Millan deiscussion again, this is...
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My Brother's Dog
my brother and his family have a dog named Wiley. he's supposedly 1/4 Dane, 1/4 Mastiff...
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Injured By Dogs?
I was chatting with my coworkers the other day and the conversation drifted to pets...
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I Can't Get My Puppy To Sleep When I Want...
i've had my puppy for two weeks now. she's reaching 10 weeks old. the first few...
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Scary Resource Guarding Issue
Anyone know of a good website or book or something that deals with a dog guarding...
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When A Dog Bites
I was wondering what happens in your town or city when there is a dog bite? Where...
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Pat Miller Says NO To Cesar
Hi Y'all, I checked out Pat Miller's web site to learn about her. I was especially...
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Bark Collar Vs ? For Growling?
The situation is our Siberian Husky who otherwise well behaved, likes to wrestle...
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I have Black Lab(adopted from a shelter, they said she was a mix). When we bring...
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Dog Gentle With Hand Feeding But Lunges...
Hello again everyone. My dog Muttley is making progress with his training (or maybe...
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Hello: I'm Sheal and I am about to adopt a Nanday Conure named Kiwi. He's 1 1\2 years...
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Mushing Border Collies
() A mushing kennel that runs Border Collies: [link] Apparently she's got them working...
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Hello Fans, World Premiere (And I Need...
Hello fans, As your World Leader in Dog EnterTraining (TM) I feel it is my duty to...
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What To Do When An Aggressive Dog Approaches...
We have some land that we take all of our dogs to to let them run in an open "safer...
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For Novice A Agility Competitors
After going to an AKC trial this past weekend, I've got some suggestions for Novice...
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A Sad Story...And Lessons Learned.
Here's an example of why it's so important to rule out physical problems before attempting...
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Starting Over
I finally got to speak to the rescue. I don't have the option to return Briar right...
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