What Does "Bupkis" Really Mean
When shelly reproached me that certain people in this group were offended by my posts...
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Shih Tzus Fighting Behavior
I have a pack, yes, a pack of shih tzus. 11 to be exact. They all usually get along...
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Taking My Bird For A Walk
Spring is coming and soon I hope to take my bird for a walk. This is a new experience...
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Rejected For Obedience Training (Even...
Now that my evaluation of Jerry's methods are complete (to my satisfaction), I am...
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Toy Dogs And Big Galumphers
Greetings: I keep feeling that I would like a toy dog whom I could carry with me...
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Well I paid the vet a visit this morning. Let me tell you he was suprised to see...
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Pat Miller Says NO To Cesar
Hi Y'all, I checked out Pat Miller's web site to learn about her. I was especially...
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Bark Collar Vs ? For Growling?
The situation is our Siberian Husky who otherwise well behaved, likes to wrestle...
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Last Night's Excitement
when i let the dogs out at night, i'm always careful to turn on the porch light and...
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What To Do When An Aggressive Dog Approaches...
We have some land that we take all of our dogs to to let them run in an open "safer...
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Update (For Moogli By Marcel)
As you may have noticed, I have been in lurk mode most of the time. Work has been...
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Recall Problems
Posting in the "non-optional behaviors" thread made me realize just how long we've...
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Cottonmouth Taking Up Residence
I live in South Louisiana above the second bank of a bayou and on occassion a water...
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Starting Over
I finally got to speak to the rescue. I don't have the option to return Briar right...
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Post-Dog Fight. Next Step?
i hope this doesn't sound like a really dumb question, but i really really want to...
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This probably belongs on .breeds, but more likely to get the treatment it deserves...
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Labrador Attacked
I have a 20 month old chocolate labrador who is having some problems. A couple of...
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We Had A Visitor This Morning...
i looked out the window this morning and saw a very bold coyote approaching the house...
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Prayers Needed, Possible Mast Cell Tumor
Kali recently developed an odd shaped lump on her rib cage near the spine. I took...
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RIP Teena 1999 - 2004
Well. She tried to take a bite out of our trainer, and that was that. Teena the...
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