Puppy Play Biting Or Aggresion?
Hi all, Last week, i adopted a puppy from my local animal shelter. He was a stray...
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Pit Bull Ban
This story is taken from my local daily paper. The one thing about the whole pit...
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What Does "Bupkis" Really Mean
When shelly reproached me that certain people in this group were offended by my posts...
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Interesting Puppy Feeding Behavior
Hello all: I have tried to find a similiar situation by searching Google before posting...
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Need Help W/ IG Puppies
Thanks in advance for your time and help.. Two weeks ago I adopted a 5-6 month old...
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Biting My Tongue
one of my cow-orkers was just on the phone with her son. (the shared phone for our...
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Introducing New Dog To Household
Our older dog is 4-1/2 year old neutered male Golden Retriever mix. He has been getting...
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Shih Tzus Fighting Behavior
I have a pack, yes, a pack of shih tzus. 11 to be exact. They all usually get along...
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Help With German Shephard
HiOur 6 month old German shepherd male puppy is showing aggressive behavior toward...
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My GSD Bit Me.
CAVEAT Now HOWE, you have had your say. Just shut up and let these other people have...
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About The Dog Biters..
This is WHY PB's get such a bad rap as people hear BITE and they think PIT BULL ...
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Dog Whisperer Week On National Geographic
Hi everyone,I am not trying to start the Cesar Millan deiscussion again, this is...
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My Brother's Dog
my brother and his family have a dog named Wiley. he's supposedly 1/4 Dane, 1/4 Mastiff...
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Injured By Dogs?
I was chatting with my coworkers the other day and the conversation drifted to pets...
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I Can't Get My Puppy To Sleep When I Want...
i've had my puppy for two weeks now. she's reaching 10 weeks old. the first few...
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A Min Update
So I decided not to do anything when Molly growls at my daughter. Not a thing I don...
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Taking My Bird For A Walk
Spring is coming and soon I hope to take my bird for a walk. This is a new experience...
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Rejected For Obedience Training (Even...
Now that my evaluation of Jerry's methods are complete (to my satisfaction), I am...
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Toy Dogs And Big Galumphers
Greetings: I keep feeling that I would like a toy dog whom I could carry with me...
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Well I paid the vet a visit this morning. Let me tell you he was suprised to see...
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