When Are They Learned Behaviors?
My dog is pretty good with listening to commands but there are some times when he...
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Skeeter's Second Agility Class
It's certainly different handling a dog whose head isn't right at the same height...
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Very Beginner Agility?
i was hoping somebody could give me some hints or point me toward some good resources...
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For Agility Fans--Agility In Motion
Have the rest of you agilityholics checked out the Agility In Motion "Magazine" tapes...
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"-Head" Strikes Again
Four year old smooth collie *** free to a bad home. [link] She's spayed, housebroken...
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Question For Retriever Trainers
I know this has been discussed in the past, but I was wondering if there are any...
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Help - Looking For A Dog Collar
The other day I saw a dog collar that I really like. The schnauzers NEED new collars...
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Your Dog's Theme Song
We had a PA system at the sheepdog trial today, and I found myself thinking, wouldn...
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Training Knowledge Vs Training Skills
does anyone else have a problem with being able to do one but not the other? i read...
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Sports Injuries And Glucosamine/Chondroitin
A couple of weeks ago Solo had some mystery abdominal/hind end pain that the folks...
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Dog Sport Training Question
Something I've been thinking about and wondering if I should be concerned is my desire...
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To All Agility People - Here And There
On the occasion of having now completed Spenser's first year of agility trials and...
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Solo Thinks Rally Is Boring
Solo and I have started Rally classes at the San Francisco SPCA. It's been too long...
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First Day Of Dog Class
New baby Pepper came home last Friday. She's a 12 week old collie, and is promising...
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Broken Tooth--Options?
Kali was standing on the ice-covered pool (the cover sank below the water level and...
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Way Too Cute
A fellow agility competitor just shared this with me. She is hoping I can help come...
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Understanding Pack Behavior
Description of the situation: My dogs, none littermates, quickly formed a pack, and...
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Something Wrong With Tok - He Loves Attention...
I finally decided to accept that Toklat really isn't crazy about agility. He does...
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Kira's Big Adventure
Kira ran in her first agility trial today. I entered her in two Touch N Go and two...
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Injured Leg Question
My 1 year old sheltie wiped out a couple of months ago whe we were playing ball....
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