Declawing: Glad I Took The Time
Well, I posted here many months ago regarding a stray that we decided to spay and...
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My Mom's Apartment Is Really Bad For The...
Greetings, So my mom is partially disabled and has had my cat for the past 8 years...
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How Declawing Saved My Cat's Life And...
The cat was mom's and she died after a long illness. The cat had clawed up a lot...
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Miss Brown Supervises The Laundry
Harriet has only been through one move with me. She's lived most of her life in this...
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Why Is My Dog A Dork?
Quick & dirty background: I adopted a dog who was abused from the time he was bought...
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So Maybe I Won't Be Tempted To Keep Her
One of the main things the Newf pup's family was/is having trouble with is housebreaking...
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Syberian Husky Gone Mad?
Hello all. We have a 3 year old solid white male Siberian Husky that has been great...
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More New Pics, Great T Pic!, Some OT Pics
Uploaded a few more misc. photos. For the Stumpy Fan Club, he's still fat and not...
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Dogs At The Beach
This summer, Maui and Cali (toy poodles) are going with me to the Outerbanks of NC...
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African Fat Tail Gecko
New owner of this delightful creature ! Love the way he attacks his "shake and bake...
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Sick CAT? Please Help
I came home last night after being gone about 2 hours. My cat was fine when I left...
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Shelly, I Owe You An Apology.
I've scorned your counter surfing dog all these years. I just discovered this morning...
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A Scare
Some here will remember my adventures in July with a *** needing emergency surgery...
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Last Night's Excitement
when i let the dogs out at night, i'm always careful to turn on the porch light and...
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Whoop! I Got My Boa!!!
I got the call today from Richard, and picked up his (now *my*) Argentine boa, Tina...
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HUGE Mistake (Looong)
We had something of a miserable experience this weekend, and I am still beating myself...
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Savanna Monitor Food
My son has been feeding his Savanna monitor lots of crayfish. Can this do him any...
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A Sad Story...And Lessons Learned.
Here's an example of why it's so important to rule out physical problems before attempting...
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"-Head" Strikes Again
Four year old smooth collie *** free to a bad home. [link] She's spayed, housebroken...
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today as i left work, i noticed a brown nose poking out the window of the car parked...
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