My PET Peeve!
Please, please, PLEASE...when you take photos of your dog to share with the world...
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Back From Vet-Crawl Cay Update
Just got back from the vet. He has regained some movement, and has not lost weight...
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Very OT: Kittens
My parents' "neutered male" had kittens this week. Six of them. Solid black. I took...
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Damn Those Little Buggers
I swear, the mood I'm in now, Bambi better stay the hell out of my way. I had posted...
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Snake Eye Caps In Shedding
My gray banded kingsnakes eye caps did not come off after his last shed. They remain...
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Savannah Escaped... Arrgh!
I have this cage that a fellow donated to me a while back. Its a modified aquarium...
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Bella And The Boo-Boo
Bella has a fat (lower - side) lip. We don't know what the cause is but the treatment...
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Ice Cream Room
My mom and nephew decided to have some ice cream and keep the dogs from begging ...
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Well, since I can't seem to sell the 4' x 4' x 2' cage I have here, I might as well...
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Third Eyelid
I have a question for you all. Re: The third eyelid. I had a stray jump up on the...
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Albino Leopard Gecko?
Hi all, Almost a year ago, I got a leopard gecko at a pet shop which the seller swore...
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Got Frogs?
I do! Went to a show today. Came back with frogs for the exhibit. I purchased a reverse...
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() Well, that was kind of a bust. I could deal with the fact that he was obviously...
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Dog-Puppy Relations
Well I guess the honeymoon period is over. For both of them. Hendrix is BOLD and...
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Vision And Other Sences Question
As I try to sneak up on Curley Joe I have to wonder just how well far can he see...
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Sick Veiled Chameleon
Hi All I got a little veiled about a month ago and he stared to shed a couple of...
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Polydactyly In Cats
Have you ever seen a polydactyl cat, guys? They are also called mitten foot, mitten...
Free Cute Kitten To A Good Home
Hello everyone: Have a kitten free to a good home, I'd keep him/her but my other...
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Lupus ?
Yes, I heave looked at different web pages about lupus. What I am looking for is...
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My Cat Hates The Camera
I love taking photos, but my Barsik doesn't like the camera at all. It isn't something...