Hi all, Could I please have your views on the castration of dogs, both for and against...
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Another Tragedy
today Mo-kitty woke up in a large spot of blood. his wound had been bleeding all...
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Stealing A Dog
I almost did this today, stole a dog that is (if this would be considered stealing...
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Docking My Rotti's Tail, Yes Or No, She...
i have so many people tell me that she's not a "true" rottweiler if i let her keep...
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How Declawing Saved My Cat's Life And...
The cat was mom's and she died after a long illness. The cat had clawed up a lot...
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Miss Brown Supervises The Laundry
Harriet has only been through one move with me. She's lived most of her life in this...
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Flowers Or Bow Ties?
Dillemma: wedding plans moving forward. Friends are criticizing my plans to make...
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Diddy, Tara, Shelly, Thank You.
Diddy, Tara, Shelly, thank you. I log on here hoping to read some insights about...
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So Maybe I Won't Be Tempted To Keep Her
One of the main things the Newf pup's family was/is having trouble with is housebreaking...
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Anybody Have A Ragdoll Kitty?
Upon reflection, it occurred to me that my neighbor's new cat might be a Ragdoll...
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Halti Headcollar Vs Pinch Prongs For Training
I was recommended to try a small pinch prong collar at Muttley's first obedience...
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Taking My Bird For A Walk
Spring is coming and soon I hope to take my bird for a walk. This is a new experience...
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Dogs At The Beach
This summer, Maui and Cali (toy poodles) are going with me to the Outerbanks of NC...
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Feeding Questions
We have a 16 year old spayed female tabby, Tigger, who has a tendency to be overweight...
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To Muzzle Or Not To Muzzle
hey all, i'm back for a bit (been overworked at the new job)... Lola and Manu both...
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Update On Blade/Bladder Stones/Dietary...
Wenesday and Thursday morning early Blade vomited. Which of course this was of very...
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South Florida Rph'ers?
hi. anyone here in south florida aside from me? [link] is the shop where i bought...
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Vacuuming Dog Hair
I have a question for y'all. Someone told me the other day that wiping down a velour...
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Back From Vet-Crawl Cay Update
Just got back from the vet. He has regained some movement, and has not lost weight...
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Very OT: Kittens
My parents' "neutered male" had kittens this week. Six of them. Solid black. I took...
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