A Lesson And A Poll
There is no fence between our neighbors' house and ours (yet). We have an informal...
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Another Tragedy
today Mo-kitty woke up in a large spot of blood. his wound had been bleeding all...
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Article On Westminster
There is an interesting and rather lengthy article in today's Washington Post (Style...
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Declawing: Glad I Took The Time
Well, I posted here many months ago regarding a stray that we decided to spay and...
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Something Messed Up About Dog Show People
Seeing this post Macy's Parade dog show, it reminds me that there's something very...
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My GSD Bit Me.
CAVEAT Now HOWE, you have had your say. Just shut up and let these other people have...
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Incorrect Parentage
I breed Austrailian Sheps. Recently I had to have my male DNA tested to be able...
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Injured By Dogs?
I was chatting with my coworkers the other day and the conversation drifted to pets...
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Flowers Or Bow Ties?
Dillemma: wedding plans moving forward. Friends are criticizing my plans to make...
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Already An NILIF Funny
So the description says to completely ignore her when she solicits attention. Don...
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New Cockatiel Owner--Worried
We recently acquired a young cockatiel a few days ago. I am trying to follow all...
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Anybody Have A Ragdoll Kitty?
Upon reflection, it occurred to me that my neighbor's new cat might be a Ragdoll...
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Syberian Husky Gone Mad?
Hello all. We have a 3 year old solid white male Siberian Husky that has been great...
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Yellow Lab Who Won't Eat His Dish
Hi everyone. I've got a 5 year old Yellow Lab male who more and more is not eating...
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Long-Time Chronic Diarrhea Problem...
Been really struggling with this one. I know this is a long post, but I thought it...
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Halti Headcollar Vs Pinch Prongs For Training
I was recommended to try a small pinch prong collar at Muttley's first obedience...
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Secure Collars For Dogs With...
...little tiny ears, little tiny heads, and little tiny - no, that wouldn't be nice...
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More New Pics, Great T Pic!, Some OT Pics
Uploaded a few more misc. photos. For the Stumpy Fan Club, he's still fat and not...
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My PET Peeve!
Please, please, PLEASE...when you take photos of your dog to share with the world...
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Feeding Questions
We have a 16 year old spayed female tabby, Tigger, who has a tendency to be overweight...
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