Dropping A Hint For Dog Owners
~ From The (Portland) Oregonian - July 6, 2007 ~ Randi Davis of Tigard loves her...
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How Often Should I Walk My Dog?
Hi, I'm new and I have a question, I can't find the answer on the web. How often...
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Puppy Pees All Over...
so i wote a few days ago when i got my pup, and she has been great. she caught on...
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Useless Dog
harriet is totally and completely useless. a couple of days ago, a neighbor came...
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Dog Barking At Elderly People With Walkers
Okay, here's the problem. I'll preface this by saying that I live right next door...
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Cottonmouth Taking Up Residence
I live in South Louisiana above the second bank of a bayou and on occassion a water...
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so Manu caught the gopher Lola was after yesterday. i should add that where i live...
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How To Deal With Neighbor's Dog Barking
Hi, I have an elderly widow neighbor who has a min-pin (or mix thereof as it seems...
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Only The Best For My Dogs
I've been having a lot of work done around the house so there seem to always be workmen...
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Sonoran Gopher Snake; How Dangerous?
I see this group is primarily about pet snakes, but I can't find anywhere else to...
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We Had A Visitor This Morning...
i looked out the window this morning and saw a very bold coyote approaching the house...
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A Little Excitement
OK my heart has now settled down to normal rate. Since about Sunday it has been obvious...
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Collecting Piddle
Kavik had a bladder infection as a pup. Kavik has always been extremely suspicious...
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Fresh Branches
There seems to be a variety of opinion on the use of fresh branches from yard to...
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The Dog Takes Over Your Life
As a city dweller, I find that the lack of backyard is a killer. It's a lot more...
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Advice With Nuisance Barking
Hi, I would really appreciate some advice on how to deal with a neighbor's dogs'...
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Wiggly Giggly Toys
Anyone know how sturdy they are? Im trying to find something indestructable for the...
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Question: How To Deal With Dog That Stays...
We have a female dog, a mix weighing 58 lbs., that came from a volunteer rescue...
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B-O-R-E-D Dogs
I've been housebound for the last 4 weeks, which means my dogs have been housebound...
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Scottish, Irish, Sheepy Weekend
Fly and I ran in the Green Lane Park Scottish/Irish Festival Sheepdog Trial over...
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