Dropping A Hint For Dog Owners
~ From The (Portland) Oregonian - July 6, 2007 ~ Randi Davis of Tigard loves her...
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Smelling Fear
Subject: Re: Smelling fear Date: Monday, April 30, 2007 11:54 PM Lia, I don't have...
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Moral Quandary
I have two problems. (1) There is a neighborhood cat who loves to tease my animals...
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Their Hands Are Tied
We had a letter to the editer in our local paper a couple of weeks ago. The auther...
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How Often Should I Walk My Dog?
Hi, I'm new and I have a question, I can't find the answer on the web. How often...
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Bird Burial?
Hi, everyone... I need some advice on a sad topic. My cockatiel was a terribly sweet...
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I Traced Her Little Footprints In The...
()Aargh. For the first time ever, one of my dogs went over my (6') fence. I was sitting...
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Puppy Pees All Over...
so i wote a few days ago when i got my pup, and she has been great. she caught on...
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How To Train A Cat?
I live in a residential area and have a 1 year old female cat. She's pretty agressive...
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Kids And Dogs
Ugh! Today on Tallulah's walk, we were about a block away from a front yard full...
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Useless Dog
harriet is totally and completely useless. a couple of days ago, a neighbor came...
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Dog Barking At Elderly People With Walkers
Okay, here's the problem. I'll preface this by saying that I live right next door...
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Black Dogs In The Great Outdoors
I finally put up some pictures of the girls enjoying the (somewhat recently) fenced...
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Crate Training While At Work
My wife and I are planning to get a schnoodle puppy in a few weeks. She will be 8...
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People Who Shouldn't Have Dogs
i just got an e-mail from a someone i used to work with. she asked me how elliott...
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Suggestion For An Electonic Fence System
Hi. I want to surround my home and yard with a suitable electronic fence. My house...
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Cottonmouth Taking Up Residence
I live in South Louisiana above the second bank of a bayou and on occassion a water...
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so Manu caught the gopher Lola was after yesterday. i should add that where i live...
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How To Deal With Neighbor's Dog Barking
Hi, I have an elderly widow neighbor who has a min-pin (or mix thereof as it seems...
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Kennel Vs. Home Raised
Hello all! this is my first post here, and i have a question for you all. my partner...
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