Introducing New Dog To Household
Our older dog is 4-1/2 year old neutered male Golden Retriever mix. He has been getting...
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Electric Collar Users
I attended and E-collar demonstration by a professional trainer a few days ago and...
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Help With Yorkie Terrier Who Will Not...
Hello all: We just adopted a new Yorkie Terrier; he cannot be more than a year or...
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Help With German Shephard
HiOur 6 month old German shepherd male puppy is showing aggressive behavior toward...
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Intruder Alerts And Attack Chihuahuas
My daughter Anna got new bedding that features pictures of horses running across...
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Barking Dogs
Hello, Unfortunately I am new to this group BECAUSE my neighbors have seven dogs...
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Dog Sounds
Our Chow mix can bark, but mostly he doesn't. He makes a loud, very high-pitched...
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Replies And Reasons
Not being narky, but perhaps I have posted my request for positive, gentle training...
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ELB called last night to tell me that his house was broken into. SIL is really freaked...
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Dog Barking At Elderly People With Walkers
Okay, here's the problem. I'll preface this by saying that I live right next door...
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ADD In Dogs
Sorry in advance for the long post & sorry for cross-posting, but I need some help...
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Another "Whew!"
So after I finished mowing the lawn, I spent some time securing the gate to make...
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Ever Heard Of Such A Thing?
Okay, I've now heard it from 4 or 5 people, and thought I'd ask. Anyone heard of...
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Need Help With Biting Beagle
I live in S. Florida, and have a problem that I need help with. We have a 2.5 YO...
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My Lab Seems To Get Targeted At The Dog...
I have a black lab, Murphy, who is almost 2 years old. I exercise him daily at the...
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Dog Training Questions. Annoying Dependant...
Hi everyone, I have two questions for ye. First, my fiance's dog (a dachsund mix...
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Why Does My Puppy Act Like This?
Everytime I go to bed, she barks at me Seems she hates that I stay in bed. But...
Update On My Collection (Long)
Well my tokays got a cage revamp and new heat today. I decided I wasn't getting their...
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Stop Barking Products
Hello, can some of you provide recommendations or success rates of the various methods...
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When To Correct Or Not To Correct Barking
We have two dogs that run to the front door and bark at any noise.I use a can filled...
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