Dogs Out In The Cold Rain
I've taken my mother's two dogs (terrier and German shepard) since she is too sick...
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Breed Suggestions
I am researching for my next dog(s). It won't be for a while, but here is what I...
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Two Pups At Once?
Do any of you have experience with raising two pups (litter brothers) at once? I...
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A Min Update
So I decided not to do anything when Molly growls at my daughter. Not a thing I don...
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The Future Is Now?
I've spoken of going out on my own in the future. But I've become aware of a piece...
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Intruder Alerts And Attack Chihuahuas
My daughter Anna got new bedding that features pictures of horses running across...
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If You HAD To Re-Home Your Dog(S)...
What would you do? I mean you HAVE to , no choice. No answers like "I would never...
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Dogs Who Won't Down
Why is it sometimes so hard to get little dogs to down? I never see a problem with...
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My Inside Dog Has Been Kicked Out - He...
I have a Shi Tzu - he is 4. I have tried to house train him, but he still pees. I...
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Hello: I'm Sheal and I am about to adopt a Nanday Conure named Kiwi. He's 1 1\2 years...
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Christmas And Dogs
I have waited over 15 years for a dog of my own. In August, my puppy, Maui, finally...
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Gigi Has A Home
We went to meet Gigi's prospective family, who have a pretty big dog named Zeke....
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Night Heating
Hello group, my first post here I've got a nice bearded dragon baby. I've read the...
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Cottonmouth Taking Up Residence
I live in South Louisiana above the second bank of a bayou and on occassion a water...
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Help: Crate Opinion Wanted Form People...
My family had an AKC Kennel when I was a boy (Schipperke's) ANYWAY, the question...
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Instant Review: Petsmart Training Class
We started the Petsmart obedience classes that my kids talked their grandpa into...
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Hijinks At Home Despot
Solo and I went to Home Despot today to get heat-shrink plastic for winterizing our...
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Breed Choice
I am trying to choose a breed for my family. In a nutshell: I have had dogs all...
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I Brought Home A 6
I brought home a 6 month old bernese mountain puppy that had been dumped up at the...
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My Dogs Are Great..
Well we went to Florida and last weekend in NC! I am so proud of Dice, the baby ...
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