Bad News
I hope everyone will pardon me for posting here about my dog, but I was hoping you...
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Now It's *Really* Way Too Quiet
Last night, Fidget threw up just before bedtime, and since then has refused to eat...
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Fidget Report
Been a long time since I've reported on Fidget's condition. It's hard to say, sometimes...
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I bought a pair of black headed caiques today. The guy said his son was diagnosed...
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Feline Toxoplasmosis Infection
I have a 12 years old, male, American Shorthair, He has been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis...
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Rescue Boa Update
I don't know if you recall me mentioning taking in a rescue RTB with severe burns...
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A Very Hairy Cat
In February my cat was diagnosed with hyper thyroid. I was given a choice of treatments...
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Can Dogs Smell Cancer?
Seriously, can they? There seems to have been some studyabout it by scientists but...
Drooling Problem
Greetings all,About a year or so ago a few of you helped me out with a problem I...
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