One More Thing The Trainer Said
So far so good here, we're getting Saskia out a lot more, playing ball and things...
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Lost Dog Found, But Already Adopted
Have you heard this story? It infuriates me. What doesn't make any sense is that...
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Dog Aggressive In Kennel
I have a six-year-old neutered Doberman. We keep him inside. When we leave the house...
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When Are They Learned Behaviors?
My dog is pretty good with listening to commands but there are some times when he...
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We Got "The Fence"
after having the appraisal for the real fencing coming out at over $11,000, we decided...
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Interesting Puppy Feeding Behavior
Hello all: I have tried to find a similiar situation by searching Google before posting...
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Strange Sleeping Habit
This might sound silly, but is there any harm in my collie sleeping in the toilet...
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Help W/Joe Joe!!
When I posted last week that all was going well here I wasn't aware, at the time...
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Found A Lost Dog - Owners Want Him Back...
The dog is 8 weeks old, it's ribs were showing, we found in the middle of the street...
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Very Beginner Agility?
i was hoping somebody could give me some hints or point me toward some good resources...
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Declawing: Glad I Took The Time
Well, I posted here many months ago regarding a stray that we decided to spay and...
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Help With German Shephard
HiOur 6 month old German shepherd male puppy is showing aggressive behavior toward...
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Smelling Fear
A short item from the local news last night A couple were walking in a public park...
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Why Is My Dog A Dork?
Quick & dirty background: I adopted a dog who was abused from the time he was bought...
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Fun With Turtles, In Two Acts
Act I: Sunday evening i heard the dogs who were outside playing start making a ruckus...
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Dropping A Hint For Dog Owners
~ From The (Portland) Oregonian - July 6, 2007 ~ Randi Davis of Tigard loves her...
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The Future Is Now?
I've spoken of going out on my own in the future. But I've become aware of a piece...
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Off-Topic Friday!
() It was a tossup between a game-theoretic examination of the toilet seat problem...
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Barking Dogs
Hello, Unfortunately I am new to this group BECAUSE my neighbors have seven dogs...
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How Often Should I Walk My Dog?
Hi, I'm new and I have a question, I can't find the answer on the web. How often...
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