Might Be Useful For Some..
Cin, my 14 mth old weimaraner cut her foot very badly Thursday b4 last whilst running...
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One More Thing The Trainer Said
So far so good here, we're getting Saskia out a lot more, playing ball and things...
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Lost Dog Found, But Already Adopted
Have you heard this story? It infuriates me. What doesn't make any sense is that...
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We Got "The Fence"
after having the appraisal for the real fencing coming out at over $11,000, we decided...
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Help W/Joe Joe!!
When I posted last week that all was going well here I wasn't aware, at the time...
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Yesterday, the weather was incredible. My husband and I decided to take the dogs...
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Stealing A Dog
I almost did this today, stole a dog that is (if this would be considered stealing...
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Opposition Reflex
I have come to understand and observe the opposition reflex in various contexts....
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Electric Collar Users
I attended and E-collar demonstration by a professional trainer a few days ago and...
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Found A Lost Dog - Owners Want Him Back...
The dog is 8 weeks old, it's ribs were showing, we found in the middle of the street...
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Say It Isn't So
Someone just posted something about her "miniature Border Collie" to a breed discussion...
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Ack! I've Messed Up Already!
Okay, I'm pretty mad at myself here. I was operating under two basic assumptions...
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Breed Suggestions
Hi, My wife and I are looking for any advice on what dog breeds might best fit our...
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Flowers Or Bow Ties?
Dillemma: wedding plans moving forward. Friends are criticizing my plans to make...
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I Had A Muttley
It was around 45 years ago. I am now 90 years old and have had dogs almost all of...
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Diddy, Tara, Shelly, Thank You.
Diddy, Tara, Shelly, thank you. I log on here hoping to read some insights about...
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Dog Fight, Dog Bite, Aaaiiee
Well, Queenie and Zoe had a fairly serious dust-up last night, and in the process...
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Fun With Turtles, In Two Acts
Act I: Sunday evening i heard the dogs who were outside playing start making a ruckus...
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Two Pups At Once?
Do any of you have experience with raising two pups (litter brothers) at once? I...
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Dropping A Hint For Dog Owners
~ From The (Portland) Oregonian - July 6, 2007 ~ Randi Davis of Tigard loves her...
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