Crate Training Questions...
Hello! I have recently received a puppy (well a month ago) and we are crate training...
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When Are They Learned Behaviors?
My dog is pretty good with listening to commands but there are some times when he...
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Skeeter's Second Agility Class
It's certainly different handling a dog whose head isn't right at the same height...
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Opposition Reflex
I have come to understand and observe the opposition reflex in various contexts....
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Dogs Out In The Cold Rain
I've taken my mother's two dogs (terrier and German shepard) since she is too sick...
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Electric Collar Users
I attended and E-collar demonstration by a professional trainer a few days ago and...
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New And Irratating Behaviour
Macula has always slept in her crate(in our bedroom) she goes in right when we...
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So What Dogs CAN We Touch?
I gather that many folks on this group feel that no one should touch any dog without...
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Magic Bait Bag & Clicker Fun
Since I use food reward methods of training (and clickers at home), I often found...
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New Cockatiel Owner--Worried
We recently acquired a young cockatiel a few days ago. I am trying to follow all...
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Dogs And People Food
even though I said I wouldn't do it, I find myself sharing my people food with my...
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Dog Fight, Dog Bite, Aaaiiee
Well, Queenie and Zoe had a fairly serious dust-up last night, and in the process...
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Happy Birthday Blade
Happy Birthday to Blade! Today is Blade's 5th Birthday. I can't even believe it has...
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New Tactic
So, I've had to spend a lot more time in the dog run lately, and I've suddenly been...
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To Muzzle Or Not To Muzzle
hey all, i'm back for a bit (been overworked at the new job)... Lola and Manu both...
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Scary Resource Guarding Issue
Anyone know of a good website or book or something that deals with a dog guarding...
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Tips On Dog Socializing
Greetings all, I was walking Nikki, my loveable Shih-Tzu, the other day around our...
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Op-Ed On "Dog Whisperer"
() Mark Derr (author of "A Dog's History of America") has an an opinion piece in...
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Inherited A Parrot - Need Advice
A distant relative recently passed away and left me her pet parrot in her will. I...
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Dog Gentle With Hand Feeding But Lunges...
Hello again everyone. My dog Muttley is making progress with his training (or maybe...
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