The Happy Hut
We got a Happy Hut for our 4 month old lovebird. We hung it from the top of the cage...
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Cat Psychology
Who knows what a purr is really all about? If my cat is purring and I leave her alone...
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my cat's having fever right now. He's weak and doesnt want to play with me. any...
Hey Robin
Ok, so I'm about to shell out a crapload of dollars for Balabanov's DVD (one at a...
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How Should We Introduce People To Our...
Last week we adopted an 11-month old German Shepherd. She's been really good around...
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Macula always barks a lot, but this past week it's been a lot worse: it's like she...
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Weird Behavior
Hi all - Something weird happened last night. I was awaken at around 3 A.M. by noises...
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Regurgitating Or Vomiting?
Is there an easy way to tell if a bird is either regurgitating or vomiting? In other...
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General Guidelines And Terms And Conditions
This forum is on 'international' territory; therefore we have our own code of conduct...
Keeping Treefrogs
I have a Perons tree frog about 5 cm long, and have been given two green tree frogs...
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Giant blue scorps, if your in the UK and you pop into your local shop can you ask...
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