Moving With Birds
I'll be moving to Florida (from Minnesota) soon and would love to pick your brains...
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Parakeet Help!
Me and my wife bought a parakeet from pets mart about a mount and a half a go. We...
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Can I Have A Bird With 3 Cats?
I'd like to have birds, but I have 3 cats. If I were to get birds just about the...
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Ok, I own an amazon. I've read the 'too literature. How crazy would I be to adopt...
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Parrot Molting
About a month ago Mika started molting her down feathers. She was antsy and annoyed...
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Ugly Parrot That Lives Underground
I am not crazy, I really saw this on one of those nature shows on TV. It was a large...
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Feather Picking Or Preening?
Here's a copy of a post I sent to Figured some of the experts on RPB...
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Macaw Hates My New Hairdo... :)
I just had it dyed bright red today (I'm a punk, so I can get away with it... )...
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Teaching Conures To Talk
My wife bought me my first bird this Christmas. A beautifull Sun Conure. I have had...
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Parrot Swing - CHEAP AND EASY
Hello, Thought I would share this for those who want what I preume will be a long...
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Crazy Corn
I bought this TW8060CORN-1 Crazy Corn Original at I cooked the mixture...
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Looking For A Budgie Breeder In Portland...
Hello, So after wanting a bird for many years I have finally decided to get one....
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