Do Vets Really Care?
My special friend is Yogi, 17 years old. He has had 6 vets in his lifetime and each...
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Clipping Nails
When we first brought our pup home last December, I started handling her feet immediately...
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Need Advice About My LATE Iguana
So my iguana was about 50 years old and the thing looked like it was in agony. It...
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Dog Gone
Dog Gone Recently, a harsh writer lashed out at someone who grieved over her dog...
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Deafening Vocalizing
Having posted the original story of the rescue of this poor old feral guy (took...
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Now It's *Really* Way Too Quiet
Last night, Fidget threw up just before bedtime, and since then has refused to eat...
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Gopher Snakes - Temperament/Personality...
hey all. haven't lurked in a long time, but the now-year-long quest to choose a species...
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Strange Changes In Blood Glucose Level
My cat Al is diabetic. A week ago last Monday I took Al to the vet for a teeth cleaning...
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Ativan For Dogs
My sister's dog gets panic during thunderstorms. She never leaves him during one...
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At Home With My Tiel
Hey ppl, Well, I'm enjoying time off at the apartment with my tiel. It is funny,...
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Iguana Moodswings
Well my iguana is having another one of her foul mood swings. I found out the other...
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SERIOUS Question About My LATE Dog!!!...
So my dog was about 20 years old and the thing looked like it was in agony. It has...
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Lambchop: Update
Well, it was just a week ago that I brought Lambchop to her new home. I told the...
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Link Found Between Leech, Turtle Tumors
To: (Email Removed) Subject: (wilddiseases) Digest Number 144 Date: Tuesday, June...
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