Your Dog's Breed
I'm trying to compose a comprehensive list of the dog breeds represented on this...
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Pit Bull Ban
This story is taken from my local daily paper. The one thing about the whole pit...
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What Would You Do?
So, okay. In my recovery from losing Mac, I left the shelter for several days. In...
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Biting My Tongue
one of my cow-orkers was just on the phone with her son. (the shared phone for our...
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Recent Digging Dog Driving Us Nuts!
About 5 years ago, we rescued an abandoned Akita that wandered into our yard, completely...
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Small Agility/Family Dog?
Funny Melanie started a thread with my name in it, because I've been meaning to ask...
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Stealing A Dog
I almost did this today, stole a dog that is (if this would be considered stealing...
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Dogs Out In The Cold Rain
I've taken my mother's two dogs (terrier and German shepard) since she is too sick...
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Help With Yorkie Terrier Who Will Not...
Hello all: We just adopted a new Yorkie Terrier; he cannot be more than a year or...
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Skeeter The Giant Papillon
I realized, when I saw this photo, that I am so small I make Skeeter look huge. This...
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Dog Houses, For Dog People
what do you look for in a dog friendly house? the SO and i are starting our search...
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Breed Suggestions
I am researching for my next dog(s). It won't be for a while, but here is what I...
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Looking For Constructive Advice
I have a sweet natured but slightly insecure 6 year old rescue dog who I have owned...
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Prey Drive OVERBOARD !
OK. So I had Max for almost two years now - and he is now four. The prey drive is...
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Say It Isn't So
Someone just posted something about her "miniature Border Collie" to a breed discussion...
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Something Messed Up About Dog Show People
Seeing this post Macy's Parade dog show, it reminds me that there's something very...
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Dog Whisperer Week On National Geographic
Hi everyone,I am not trying to start the Cesar Millan deiscussion again, this is...
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Incorrect Parentage
I breed Austrailian Sheps. Recently I had to have my male DNA tested to be able...
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Doggy Problems
I have a problem. My daughter Delayna is four and is our only child. Last year she...
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Can someone tell me a bit about this sport? Are the people responsible? Are the dogs...
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