Vicious Pit Bull Alert!
There is a lovely brindle pitbull named Elmo in my office right now. My coworkers...
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Tail Standards On Previously-Docked Breeds...
Yesterday a boarding customer, who moved to this area from overseas, brought her...
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Boa Breeding
Forgive me if I sound stupid, but I'm curious... Is it possible for a Guyana Red...
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Pomeranian Vs Cat (Or Vs Its Own Tail...
The cat must be thinking that the dog is very... weird?
I Kissed Boots Goodbye, Forever
Yesterday, I put down my loving female Akita. She was so gentle with my grandkids...
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Is there any way to help my 3 year old, female, miniature poodle get over her fear...
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Pitbull Ears Cropped And Tails Docked
does anyone no if i can still get my 4month old pitbulls ears cropped and he tail...
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High Tech Retriever
This could belong on activities,breeds or behavior. I choose behavior. In Madisonville...
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Australian Blur Cattle Dog
I would like to know if the Australian Blue Cattle Dog is of the same family as the...
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Leopard Geckos
Anyone have a good site on the different morphs of leopard geckos? I have two, One...
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Manx - Cats That Are Not Afraid Of Dogs
To be honest, I didn't know that there are cats without a tail... now I know it...