We Got "The Fence"
after having the appraisal for the real fencing coming out at over $11,000, we decided...
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Declawing: Glad I Took The Time
Well, I posted here many months ago regarding a stray that we decided to spay and...
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My Mom's Apartment Is Really Bad For The...
Greetings, So my mom is partially disabled and has had my cat for the past 8 years...
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How Declawing Saved My Cat's Life And...
The cat was mom's and she died after a long illness. The cat had clawed up a lot...
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R.I.P. Photon, Nov 1999 - October 23,...
It is with a great deal of sadness that I inform you of the untimely death of my...
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Syberian Husky Gone Mad?
Hello all. We have a 3 year old solid white male Siberian Husky that has been great...
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What Can I Do To Help This Cat?
I recently adopted a 5 year old dsh/declawed/spayed female who was taken from her...
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Moral Quandary
I have two problems. (1) There is a neighborhood cat who loves to tease my animals...
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How To Train A Cat?
I live in a residential area and have a 1 year old female cat. She's pretty agressive...
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African Fat Tail Gecko
New owner of this delightful creature ! Love the way he attacks his "shake and bake...
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Pure Breed Vs Mixed Breed
I posted the original query "looking for a smaller breed". Thanks for all the helpful...
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Water Consumption
I originally put this in "breeds" by mistake: I'm curious if anyone tracks how much...
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Jerry Howe, Can You Give
Jerry Howe, Can you give me some advice on how to handle this situation? Here's the...
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Giving Big Dog (Muttley) A Bath
I am still having problems with fleas on my dog Muttley. I am learning more about...
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Last Night's Excitement
when i let the dogs out at night, i'm always careful to turn on the porch light and...
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-Gene Pool?
If the only cats allowed to breed are the strays and those belonging to 'irresponsible...
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Kitty Litter Dust
Just became a cat owner a few months ago and thought I had done all my homework on...
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FDA May Recall Pet Food Due To Mad Cow
WASHINGTON, Dec. 24 (UPI) The Food and Drug Administration might have to recall units...
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Introducing Cinder
() The guy who owns Image's mother, Fleo, is getting out of Siberians and into Alaskans...
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Walking Dogs Individually
Greetings and happy Friday to all (including Friday): I have still not gotten back...
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