Top 25 Comfortable Ways Of Sleeping In...
Have you ever thought your bed to be uncomfortable? Some cats think that it's not...

13 Ways Cats Use Bags

Written by a cat this ancient text of unknown origin details the traditional feline methodology of bag-wrangling a human into respecting you. The text begins: "..It is clear to us now that bags can be totally fun. But they are also suited for other...
Lazy Cat
Ah just LOOK at him... just look at his unwillingness to come down... uh!
Chit Chat
How sweet, I wonder what they're talking about!
If You Hold It Like This, You Can Hear...
I generally don't post stuff like this, but I couldn't help it this time. giggle...
What Do You Do When The Box Is Too Small...
You just ignore its size and keep trying! Maru is awesome. [Luv]
Santa Claws
christmas was made just for cats if you ask me
Lazy Cat On Treadmill
I hope this cat is OK??
Sleepy Kitten
This is about how I feel in the mornings.
Cat Plus Guitar
I laughed my head off at this!! It seems the cat likes it so much!
Good Morning, Kitty!
My heart melts when I see videos like this.
I'm A Cat... No Wait, Now I'm A Bunny
I've never seen a cat that enjoys putting something on its head... okay, okay, except...
Careful Where You Step Kitty!
It's a trap! Poor thing, couldn't help but giggle.
Maru Again
Some of the tricks you might have seen, but some are new. I [Luv] Maru.
Many Too Small Boxes And Maru
This is really amazing what strong passion Maru has for boxes!
Trololo Cat
I guess this is an oldie but it always makes me laugh.