R.I.P. Photon, Nov 1999 - October 23,...
It is with a great deal of sadness that I inform you of the untimely death of my...
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Opinions Please...Sorry, Got Long...
I have posted here a few times and love the info I find here and just listening to...
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Syberian Husky Gone Mad?
Hello all. We have a 3 year old solid white male Siberian Husky that has been great...
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What Can I Do To Help This Cat?
I recently adopted a 5 year old dsh/declawed/spayed female who was taken from her...
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To Muzzle Or Not To Muzzle
hey all, i'm back for a bit (been overworked at the new job)... Lola and Manu both...
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African Fat Tail Gecko
New owner of this delightful creature ! Love the way he attacks his "shake and bake...
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Nasty Smell From Cat
We've noticed one of our cats, about 10 months old and spayed, has a nasty cheesy...
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Causes Of Chronic Renal Failure?
Causes of Chronic Renal Failure Recent research suggests a link between vaccination...
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Pet Ownership - Killing Through Kindness
Recent research has shown that the average lifespans of domesticated animals are...
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Questions For Cat Experts
I have a few questions about feeding cats. I am only trying to understand what would...
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Giving Big Dog (Muttley) A Bath
I am still having problems with fleas on my dog Muttley. I am learning more about...
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RIP My Old Friend
I just got back inside from burying my old friend of 15 plus years. His name was...
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Housebreaking An Older Dog
I am probably setting myself up for criticism, but I need advice. A you know I have...
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Suggesions In Getting Cat In Carrier
Can you help us get our cat in the carrier? We tried to get her to the groomers b...
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Claws Out When Jumping Into Or Out Of...
Hello, we have three great cats, two of them are brothers and exhibit the same behavior...
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Walking Dogs Individually
Greetings and happy Friday to all (including Friday): I have still not gotten back...
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Update - Harry The Cockatoo And His New...
Hya Guys, (Long read, picture links at foot of this post) Not posted for a month...
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Getting A Kitten With Puppy?
I'm planning on getting a Shih-tzu puppy soon. I live alone and work full time, although...
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How Do You Pick Out A Cat
My two cats died this year and I am still pretty sad about that. Someone suggested...
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I'm Not Sure I'm OK With This!
Without going into detail, and you'll see why, I just want "see" what other reptile...
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