Top 25 Comfortable Ways Of Sleeping In...
Have you ever thought your bed to be uncomfortable? Some cats think that it's not...
So Long, Burt
Last night I had to make the decision to put my 17.5 year-old cat to sleep. It was...
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"And Whiskers On Kittens..."
I was humming "My Favourite Things" today and thought of those words from it. It...
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Cat Catches Waterbugs
My 1 year old cat recently started to catch live water bugs. She jumps and drops...
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Best Friend
I've just lost my beloved cat Squirm after 7 years. She truly was my best friend...
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The Truck Is Winning
Hey guys, I have to go for awhile because I'm about to get eaten by an ulcer with...
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Lovebird And Temperatures
I live in the mid-southern U.S. This time of year (and in the Fall) when the temperatures...
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Why Do Our Cats Wake Us Up Early In The...
Our two cats wake us up very early in the morning..sit on us and purrr and purrr...
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Why Do Cats Like Lying In A Sink?
Why do you think cats like lying or even sleeping in a sink? Mine has never done...
Baby Tallulah
My little kitty.
Kismet Twitching While Sleeping
hi there...i was just wondering if this is something that i need to worry about?...
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Kitten Sleeping In Bookshelf
Such a sweetie, isn't it?
Kitten Pictures :)
[link]/ click a picture to see a bigger view the top 10 pictures: they are between...
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I Wonder How Much Cats Sleep
How much time do cats sleep during a day? What is their normal sleeping regime?...
Just wondering what sort of reactions your cats have to the firework seasons? My...
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Who Said You Need A Pillow?
Smart cats don't need pillows!
How Do Cats Find Way Home
Our new cat (5 years old) has learned how to open the back window. She sneaks outside...
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Sleeping Kitten Waking Up
Just the way I feel in the morning, yaaaaaawwn ...