Happy Birthday Blade
Happy Birthday to Blade! Today is Blade's 5th Birthday. I can't even believe it has...
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Licking Plastic!
I have three cats, and all of them like to lick plastic bags. One of them likes to...
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Questions For Cat Experts
I have a few questions about feeding cats. I am only trying to understand what would...
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Mr. Chicken
I stopped to pick up dog food last night, on my way home from work. I hadn't been...
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Need Guidance On Golden Retriever Behavior...
I am new a dog owner and my 8 week old pup sometimes jumps up and tries to close...
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What do you all give your strong (STRONG) chewers? I am having trouble finding stuff...
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Orson's Terrified Of The Floor
Orson slipped on the kitchen floor in a slapstick, Chevy-Chase-doing-Gerald-Ford...
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today Manu and i were at the pet store, and he became obsessed with the bin of hooves...
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Checklist For Hand-Made Bird Toys
I've been doing my Google searches, following up on postings I've read on the subject...
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Puppy Into Everything
My puppy is 9 months old and into everything. She acts like she is starving. Yesterday...
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Jumping, Chewing On My Hands And Toes
Hi - I rescued a 4 yrs old Chocolate Lab last week. He is very playful and hyper...
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Toy Advice?
Does anyone have advice for a toy for an adult lab? Preferably one that he can chew...
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Need Ideas
I don't ever remember seeing anyone have problems along these lines, but this really...
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Garbage Eating
My dog sometimes turns over trash cans and chews what's inside. I know this happens...
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Opinions Please
Has anyone here ever order an aviary cage from Wingz, Avian Products?? www.kwcages...
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Itchy Conure
I just this evening noticed that my Dusky, Sidekick, has some small bare spots on...
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Oh Boy She Did It ;(
I just gave both my dogs the bones from hamsteaks we had for dinner. This is usually...
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Odd Budgie Diet Choices...
Our three guys are pretty healthy, and still very young. We've got their cage well...
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Rawhide - Good Or Bad Idea For 10 Pounds...
About six weeks ago I got my first dog - a maltese terrier mix and weighs 10 pounds...
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Dog Chewing Coats
I have a 10 month old male Westie that chews any coat within his reach, mostly when...
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