Dog-Related Car Questions (Again)
Am selling my gas hog Jeep in favor of a newer used car. Please help. Every time...
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Deer Or Dog?
I remember someone (Suja or Sally, maybe?) saying their dog was mistaken for a deer...
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Dogs Out In The Cold Rain
I've taken my mother's two dogs (terrier and German shepard) since she is too sick...
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Breed Suggestions
I am researching for my next dog(s). It won't be for a while, but here is what I...
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Doggy Problems
I have a problem. My daughter Delayna is four and is our only child. Last year she...
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Two Pups At Once?
Do any of you have experience with raising two pups (litter brothers) at once? I...
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Rite Of Passage
Okay, I've been through another Trainer's Rite of Passage. I had my first in-home...
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New Dog Jealous Of Toddler
I have a 2 yr old human. I got a 3 yr old abused aussie mix las Aug. The human was...
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Ivan: Evacuation With Dogs And Cats
I am in denial. There is no frickin' way we're going to get a third major hurricane...
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I Am SUCH A Sucker.
My BC foster became ill at the shelter and was euthanized before we could get to...
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Ping! Montana
my daughter respectfully requested that I ask you for more photos of the puppies...
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The Advair Pug
I assume that most of you have seen the Advair TV commercial, the one with the pug...
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If You HAD To Re-Home Your Dog(S)...
What would you do? I mean you HAVE to , no choice. No answers like "I would never...
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Dogs Who Won't Down
Why is it sometimes so hard to get little dogs to down? I never see a problem with...
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Kids And Dogs
Ugh! Today on Tallulah's walk, we were about a block away from a front yard full...
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Hello: I'm Sheal and I am about to adopt a Nanday Conure named Kiwi. He's 1 1\2 years...
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Christmas And Dogs
I have waited over 15 years for a dog of my own. In August, my puppy, Maui, finally...
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Gigi Has A Home
We went to meet Gigi's prospective family, who have a pretty big dog named Zeke....
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Child-Proofing Dog
I am looking for recommendations on books that might help with child- proofing a...
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Somebody Explain This To Me
First of all, I love dogs (most of the friendly ones anyway) and have had dogs myself...
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