I Met My First Wolf
I saw the coolest dog at the vet's office today. Only it wasn't a dog, it was a wolf...
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How I Know I'm In The Right Field
I take lousy pictures. No matter how pleasant I try to look when somebody is snapping...
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Goffin's Instead!
Hi, Last week I was getting a greenwing, but I'm getting a Goffin's instead. I heard...
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Loves A Man In Uniform
It was Sunday afternoon when I hear my door bell ring. I go to answer it and find...
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Ball Python - What Symptoms To Watch For...
Hello ;-) I received great advice here when we first got our ball python, over a...
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Eyes Open And Hand Tame!
Eyes open and hand tame! [link] * TWO BABY CONURES * 15 parrots and increasing ...
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Chinese Water Dragon
Hello, I'm hoping that someone who reads this group knows something about Chinese...
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Sand Boa
Just when I thought I had all my feeding problems straightened out, my Kenyan Sand...
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Baby Milk Ate Tonight
Fantastic - Baby milk ate its first pinkie tonight- great going for one that only...
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Updated Puppy Pics - "Cryptic" Merle
Hi Guys, Pardon the piggybacking, I'll have my site updated soon (just spent the...
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Mother Swan Takes Babies Under Wing
Guys, have you ever known how swans transport their babies across a pond? Here is...
Wierd Shed Question.
My baby corn had a perfect shed... eye socket down to tail. but seems to have a second...
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Red Eye Treefrogs Dying! Can Anybody Help...
Hi all, Been a while since I lurked here, but my girlfriend is having issues with...
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