Flying With Your Dog
Do any airlines allow you to purchase a seat for your dog if your dog is too big...
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Prey Drive OVERBOARD !
OK. So I had Max for almost two years now - and he is now four. The prey drive is...
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NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free) - Discussion
I was just wondering, In some of the posts from Jerry, you get:- "the trainer said...
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The Future Is Now?
I've spoken of going out on my own in the future. But I've become aware of a piece...
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I Got Him A Prong Collar
Well we took him to the pet store and fitted him with a prong collar. The improvement...
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Lifting His Leg
Ok, I have a question about Maui's behavior and I was hoping to get some help. Yesterday...
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A Better Pooper Scooper?
Hello Folks, I'm a design student doing some research for a school project. I'm in...
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October Dog Photo Competition!
Please READ THIS POST before posting your image(s) to this dog competition thread...
Hi everyone, A month or two ago, I wrote about my dog Rocky and his problems getting...
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Testing Potential Class Students
Something that came up in the Muttley thread (which I wish would just end, Paul is...
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Attitudes On Dogs Off The Leash In Various...
i had some time in spain recently and one thing i noticed, at least in the town in...
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Akc To Allow Mixed Breed Dogs
sort of. they're going to open companion events to mixed breed dogs but they will...
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Proud Moments
Today, one of my dogs really impressed me. Not in agility, no competition of any...
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For Novice A Agility Competitors
After going to an AKC trial this past weekend, I've got some suggestions for Novice...
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Earth Dog?
hot on the trail of an eevil gopher, Lola has dug deep enough to get her whole body...
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Dog For The City Recommendation Needed...
We have a small apartment in NYC. 9 to 5 We would take the dog to a business which...
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Introducing Cinder
() The guy who owns Image's mother, Fleo, is getting out of Siberians and into Alaskans...
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Duncan, ? - 2004
() One of my dogs, Duncan, was put to sleep this morning. He's been deteriorating...
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Great Dane Service Dog
I don't know why, but I was really pleased to see a Great Dane employed as a service...
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Akita/Pit Bull Mix
Does anybody have any experiance with this mix? If so, can they tell me a bit about...
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