Yellow Lab Who Won't Eat His Dish
Hi everyone. I've got a 5 year old Yellow Lab male who more and more is not eating...
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Help With Identifing A Dog Breed
A friend of mine has decided to get a dog. She isn't sure what kind to get but has...
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Herding On Letterman Tonight
My trainer is doing a herding demo on the Letterman show tonight with his Border...
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Dog Farting After Eating Bananas
Hi all My 8 month old (labradoodle) puppy Eddie loves to eat fruit so I always given...
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Stuffed Kong
Hi everyone, I keep hearing about the joys of a stuffed Kong to keep dogs happy and...
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Dog For The City Recommendation Needed...
We have a small apartment in NYC. 9 to 5 We would take the dog to a business which...
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ACD Behavior Questions
I'd be interested in hearing what you all think about the behavior of this particular...
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What Would You Do?
there's a homeless guy who holds his sign near where i work, who has a couple of...
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GSP Health Problem?
Howdy everyone, I have a SGP/Husky Mix, at about 4 months of age the dog started...
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Recommended Dog Breeds
Found this article on the 'Top Dog Breeds for Families'. I'm surprised to see some...
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Balance Treat On Nose Trick - How To Train...
Now, on to the reason I joined this list. I have a question for you all. I want to...
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After Spaying Activity. . .
Hi All: We just got our 6 month old lab spayed about 24 hours ago. All went well...
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Dog For The City Recommendation Still...
(We have a small apartment in NYC. 9 to 5 We would take the dog to a business which...
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Hi all. Since I can't decide between a Husky or a German Shepherd, I was thinking...
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Invisible Fence For Dog
Hi, we have recently got our second Choc lab (male) and he's doing the same old thing...
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A Little Good News
() Two men who repeatedly fired arrows from a hunting bow into a gentle Siberian...
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On The Fence
I've always been a pretty decisive person. I'll weigh the pros and cons of an issue...
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Question On Breed
My soon to be aunt-in-law has come, finally, from Haiti with her dog. She says that...
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Doggie Nicknames
Answering another post made me think of this.. How many nicknames do your dogs have...
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Collie Puppies
I am thinking of buying a puppy for my children for christmas. A friend of mine is...
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