"Idiots Guide To Pbs"?
What generalizations are safe to make about Pitties? Is there a site or pamphlet...
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New Dog Jealous Of Toddler
I have a 2 yr old human. I got a 3 yr old abused aussie mix las Aug. The human was...
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Breeds That Don't Smell 'Doggy'?!
Hello I am thinking of buying a dog in the furture and amongst various other criteria...
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Putting A Dog On A "Raw" Food Diet.
What is the general opinion on doing this? I have been back and forth with my wife...
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Short, Shamefully Late Introduction
Hullo! I am Darla, an immigrant from ARK thanks to Paula and Terri. I am an American...
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Child-Proofing Dog
I am looking for recommendations on books that might help with child- proofing a...
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How To Train?
I haven't owned a dog since I was 8 years old but I just got a 7 week old beagle...
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Dog Car Discussion Results
Verdict: Subaru Outback I wanted a Toyota Matrix because of the mpg, but my mother...
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Modern E-Collar Use - Demonstration
I used to be very, very against e-collars. I'm still against poor use of them (or...
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Could We Move Aside, A Bit?
It doesn't feel right asking about abstractions in the thread about Kelly's loss...
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Looking For Min. Daschund Info
Gen and I were walking through PetSmart a couple of days ago and, for the heck of...
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I'm a new to this newsgroup. I have been lurking for the last couple weeks just reading...
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Am I Nuts Or Are Dogs..
getting smarter? Am I crazy or are dogs getting smarter? I have a dog who I swear...
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Agility Question About Setting Up Equipment
does anyone know of a good source which tells how high you should put the hoops and...
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Loss Of Dog..One Of Two..Beharior Problems...
We just had to put our oldest family dog down. She was 18 years old, but her long...
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Life As We Know It Will Never Be The Same...
Hendrix can now jump on the couch. I'm so proud! But poor Roxy... so begins her ...
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Books On Dog Training?
We are about to acquire a Border Terrier puppy. Can anyone recommend a good book...
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Ian Dunbar's Puppy Book
No, no puppy here yet, but I'm reading Ian Dunbar's Before and After Getting Your...
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Trick Ideas?
I got an e-mail this morning from someone who's petsitting a dog and wants to teach...
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Do Dogs Like Music?
When I leave music, instrumental and classical music, on in my reading room my Rat...
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