Before his last visit to him coiffeur... =)
The New Member Of The Family!!
Her name is Aiffa and I adopted her from a shelter yesterday. She's a year and a...
I am 18 months old now. Trying to look my best here. Excuse my dirty mouth, i so...
Koco is a Collie/Chow Chow mix, with a polka dot tongue. He's also very protective...
Isaac's new favorite place to relax
This is Kringle, a beagle mix that lives at "A Chance For Bliss" animal sanctuary...
My Christmas Babies
Sheebaa's and Nibbler's first x-mas wih us, they are going to be dressed like this...
Black and tan coonhound at 5 months!
It's the birthday girl!
Jessie is a Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog, which we have had since she was...
Cheetoh - pronounced cheatoe - belongs to my wife's cousins who live about 400 kms...
My Two Knuckleheads..:)
Doc is on the left, Shelby on the right. Shelby was a craigslist puppy, Doc was...
My Heart
This is our baby, Honey.
My Saluki
Shafaq Priscilla Paljette