Help With Lab Pup
We have a 5-month old 50 pound lab and an 8-year old neighbor boy who love to play...
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When Are They Learned Behaviors?
My dog is pretty good with listening to commands but there are some times when he...
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The Dog Whisperer
Thumbs up or Thumbs down??? I love him. He is my idol, my hero, my guru. i want to...
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Last Bit On Pups
Well, they all got adopted rather quickly this week-end. We don't often get pups...
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Small Agility/Family Dog?
Funny Melanie started a thread with my name in it, because I've been meaning to ask...
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Dogs Out In The Cold Rain
I've taken my mother's two dogs (terrier and German shepard) since she is too sick...
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Tee-Vee Training
Well, I watched my first (maybe last) episode of VS' show today. Such freakin' drama...
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No-Kill Vs. Non No-Kill Shelters
I am creating this post to answer a comment that was made in another post. The choice...
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City Dogs
How do you do it?? I'd LOVE to have a dog. I live in the city -NYC. But can't see...
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So What Dogs CAN We Touch?
I gather that many folks on this group feel that no one should touch any dog without...
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Magic Bait Bag & Clicker Fun
Since I use food reward methods of training (and clickers at home), I often found...
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Dog Fight, Dog Bite, Aaaiiee
Well, Queenie and Zoe had a fairly serious dust-up last night, and in the process...
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Question About Dog Names- Kinda A Poll
I am surprised to find a rather large array of dog names in this group. I was just...
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Yellow Lab Who Won't Eat His Dish
Hi everyone. I've got a 5 year old Yellow Lab male who more and more is not eating...
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I Traced Her Little Footprints In The...
()Aargh. For the first time ever, one of my dogs went over my (6') fence. I was sitting...
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Scary Resource Guarding Issue
Anyone know of a good website or book or something that deals with a dog guarding...
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Dog Sounds
Our Chow mix can bark, but mostly he doesn't. He makes a loud, very high-pitched...
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Puppy Links
I'm trying to quickly figure out what the heck we're supposed to do with puppies...
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The Left Coast
The dogs and I have been in San Francisco for almost two weeks now. What can I say...
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Op-Ed On "Dog Whisperer"
() Mark Derr (author of "A Dog's History of America") has an an opinion piece in...
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