My Mom's Apartment Is Really Bad For The...
Greetings, So my mom is partially disabled and has had my cat for the past 8 years...
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Problem: Snow Sticks To Dogs' Legs
Tobi is a labradoodle who simply LOVES playing in the snow. However, being a labradoodle...
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Mars Coat King Vs. Imitators
I've decided that I might purchase a Mars Coat King for Solo's "Lassie " problem...
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Espy In Hospital (Phil, You Around?)
Bad. He was limping yesterday, rear left leg. It didn't appear to be a saddle clot...
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Bailey, Any Guesses?
Bailey is my in-law's new dog. She's pretty cute, and really friendly. The shelter...
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How To "Inspect" Frogs
I have read some on this group that it is a good idea to inspect my Cuban Tree Frog...
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Do You Have Problems Trimming Your Cat...
Hey all! Because of an unbelievably hot weather we've been having for over 4 weeks...
Shedding Question
Ok, so the house is almost done and ready for the market. It's now coming fast into...
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But this time its good news, I put in small pots of basil, coriander and parsley...
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Mosquito Magnet
OK this is not really a canine behavior problem but in the absence of a
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You'll Never Guess What I Saw!
At least I wouldn't have, in a million years. I was at the vet, dropping off Khan...
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For Sale UK
My big vision style tank. Can be seen here. It measures 48" long, 18" high and 28...
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