Help With Lab Pup
We have a 5-month old 50 pound lab and an 8-year old neighbor boy who love to play...
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When Are They Learned Behaviors?
My dog is pretty good with listening to commands but there are some times when he...
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Tee-Vee Training
Well, I watched my first (maybe last) episode of VS' show today. Such freakin' drama...
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Is There A Best Pet Dog Competition And...
I just finished watching the Nova program "Dogs and More Dogs: The true story of...
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No-Kill Vs. Non No-Kill Shelters
I am creating this post to answer a comment that was made in another post. The choice...
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R.I.P. Photon, Nov 1999 - October 23,...
It is with a great deal of sadness that I inform you of the untimely death of my...
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Miss Brown Supervises The Laundry
Harriet has only been through one move with me. She's lived most of her life in this...
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Syberian Husky Gone Mad?
Hello all. We have a 3 year old solid white male Siberian Husky that has been great...
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What Can I Do To Help This Cat?
I recently adopted a 5 year old dsh/declawed/spayed female who was taken from her...
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Smelling Fear
Subject: Re: Smelling fear Date: Monday, April 30, 2007 11:54 PM Lia, I don't have...
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Dog Adoption Saga
it's so much easier when you stumble across the perfect dog, rather than trying to...
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Jealous 2-Year-Old **Please Help!!
I have a jealous boston terrier...Over the past week he has been going #1 and #2...
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African Fat Tail Gecko
New owner of this delightful creature ! Love the way he attacks his "shake and bake...
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Chilling Account Of A Near -Miss Dog Shooting
Oakland Cop Shoots At Celebrity Pit Bull by Hank Pellissier, special to SF Gate Monday...
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Inherited A Parrot - Need Advice
A distant relative recently passed away and left me her pet parrot in her will. I...
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This Can't Be Good News For The Pit Bull...
"GIG HARBOR, Wash. A 59-year-old woman has been hospitalized after being mauled by...
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Need Parrot Information
Wanted advice in choosing between the following birds, situation described below...
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Giving Big Dog (Muttley) A Bath
I am still having problems with fleas on my dog Muttley. I am learning more about...
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Blue-Crowned Conure
Hi there, I live in Michigan... I met with a breeder last week and decided on a blue...
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I Am Afraid Of My Cat! HELP ME!! (Long...
I have several questions for you cat folks a little background first:6 years ago...
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