Dog-Related Car Questions (Again)
Am selling my gas hog Jeep in favor of a newer used car. Please help. Every time...
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So What Dogs CAN We Touch?
I gather that many folks on this group feel that no one should touch any dog without...
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Voting For Vegetables
When I went to one of the kindergarten classes at work today, I saw that each desk...
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Rite Of Passage
Okay, I've been through another Trainer's Rite of Passage. I had my first in-home...
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A Min Update
So I decided not to do anything when Molly growls at my daughter. Not a thing I don...
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Do Pit Bulls Eat Goats?
yes, this is a serious question. i'm considering getting a goat. a smallish goat...
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Ping! Montana
my daughter respectfully requested that I ask you for more photos of the puppies...
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Parakeet & Pellets...
Just wondering if anyone has any tips they might want to offer on encouraging a parakeet...
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My Inside Dog Has Been Kicked Out - He...
I have a Shi Tzu - he is 4. I have tried to house train him, but he still pees. I...
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Name That Dog!
Earlier, I had posted the link to ELB's new dog ([link]). SIL just sent me her list...
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Gigi Has A Home
We went to meet Gigi's prospective family, who have a pretty big dog named Zeke....
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The Story From The Begining In Order
We adopted Molly 4 days before our daughter came home from vacation. She was very...
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Child-Proofing Dog
I am looking for recommendations on books that might help with child- proofing a...
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Good First Bird?
My daughters bday is coming up in April & she has been asking for a bird. Does anyone...
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Rainy Season=Mosquito Season.
Starts in Florida 06/01 but already, 19 counties are reporting activities from West...
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What IS It With The Pooping?
Ever notice how herps MUST crap in their newly-cleaned enclosure? I give you a stack...
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Anyone Heard From Beth Child Recently...
How's she doing? By my guess she should have had the baby or be having it anytime...
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Guard Dog
OK, I have a question for all of you experiance pet owners. I am looking for the...
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Releasing SLIDERS Into Everglades?
I have three red-eared sliders that I bought when they were itty-bitty babies. Now...
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Has Anyone Heard?
From Terri or Susan? If you have can you post? I've got a daughter and grandaughter...
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