Overwhelmed New Green Iguana Owner...
I hate being guilty of ignorance, but now that I'm committed, I need a little help...
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Here's A New One
() ... for me, anyway. One of the women down at the feed store told me that there...
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Dogs And People Food
even though I said I wouldn't do it, I find myself sharing my people food with my...
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Anyone who has been following my food saga for at least a year in here may be interested...
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Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Vomit? And More
Maui has thrown up most of what he's eaten for the past 2 days. Sometimes, he tries...
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Purely Positive Luring For Position
I have a friend whose trainer is teaching her to lure her dog into position. I swear...
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Should They Eat Less?
I have finally gotten the boys completely switched over to the Eagle Pack food. They...
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Food For Flat Nosed Cat?
I was asked about this by a woman I know who adopted a flat-nosed Himalayan (sp?...
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Never Feed Your Pet ...
Yesterday's Parade Magazine gave the following list of foods never to feed your pet...
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Need A Webpage On Pitbulls & Breed Bans
I've been spending more time on rec.food.cooking than here. Like every usenet group...
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Putting A Dog On A "Raw" Food Diet.
What is the general opinion on doing this? I have been back and forth with my wife...
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FDA To Rethink Animal Feed Rule Due To...
WASHINGTON, Dec 24 (Reuters) - The Food and Drug Administration may tighten its ban...
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Food Question
I give my two kitties (almost one year old) dry cat food..is this okay or should...
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Strange Thought Past 3:30 Am
Ok, so it's past 3:30 am and I'm reading rec.pets.herp I start thinking about the...
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How To Fetch Update
I've resolved to follow through on things in general, so I'm back to report my progress...
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Caring About Wild Cats
How much do you have to pay to keep from feeding your cat animal digest (ughh!)?...
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Your Dog Food Is Killing Your Dog..
If you are using commercial dog food, your dog could be dying a slow death. Most...
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Cat Food And Mad Cow Disease
Soo, do any of you wonder about the beef byproducts that might be in cat food? I...
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Speaking Of Food: Evo Review
It's been almost two months since I switched Harriet to Evo. She finished the first...
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Resource Guarding
Seems to be on the rise. I swear, it seems like I'm inundated with calls and e-mails...
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