Breed Quiz
Okay, so this one probably belongs on the rpd.breeds, but I thought y'all might enjoy...
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Problem: Snow Sticks To Dogs' Legs
Tobi is a labradoodle who simply LOVES playing in the snow. However, being a labradoodle...
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Opinions On Cat's Weight Wanted
Took my cats to the vet for their annual checkup. Jessie who's at least 8 years old...
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Mars Coat King Vs. Imitators
I've decided that I might purchase a Mars Coat King for Solo's "Lassie " problem...
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Cats' Anal Glands Full
Hi, I was on here over a month ago and several people helped me w/a problem my cat...
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Espy In Hospital (Phil, You Around?)
Bad. He was limping yesterday, rear left leg. It didn't appear to be a saddle clot...
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Cat Playing With It's Back Foot
Hi, We have a semi-longhair Maine Coon, which we found as a stray (about 3 years...
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Western Hognoses
Anybodys started eating yet? Miss Piggy is still refusing food. Her last meal was...
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Serial Killer
I have a confession to make. My dog is a serial killer. And absolutely no remorse...
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Nature Cruelty Vs. Human Cruelty
What the actual difference between cruelty in nature and cruelty caused by humans...
How To "Inspect" Frogs
I have read some on this group that it is a good idea to inspect my Cuban Tree Frog...
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Gray Cats Turn Gray?
Persia was probably 3 years old when she adopted me. The vet guessed, based on looking...
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Crow, Eclipse, And Jack Video
() I took some video of them playing the other night. For the genealogists among...
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My Persian Is Losing Patches Of Hair
I have a blue Persian who is 5 years old. She had very bad skin problems when I rescued...
Parrots And Cold.
For those who might be worried about turning the thermostat down take a look at this...
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Hair Loss
We have a 14-year female cat who is suffering from increasing hair loss over the...
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Poll: How Often Do You Brush Your Cat...
Is it a regular procedure for you both or not?
My Cat LOVES This..
He's a short- and white and loves it when I use the lintroller- gently...
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How Often Should I Brush My Cat?
How often should I brush my cat? She is semi-longhair and I am really confused....
Curly Cats Origin
Hey friends, do you know where curly cats come from? Was their special coat "invented...